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Working with Humanitarian Organisations: A Guide for Nurses

Working with humanitarian organisations is a quandary and a privilege. The quandary is trying to decide which of the thousands of organisations to assist. The privilege is the obvious reward of helping others in the countless ways our world desperately seeks our attention.


Humanitarian organisations embark on the depths of our giving spirit where man meets man’s most challenging life experiences. Due to the vast array of medical assistance that is so desperately needed within the infrastructures of these organisations means a constant need for the nurses of our world to compassionately step up to the plate for those who cannot step up for themselves.


Below are a few recognizable organisations in need of humanitarian nursing assistance (


* American Red Cross


* Doctors without Borders


* Children’s Aide Society


* Hospital de la Familia


Working with humanitarian organisations is about more than just compassion. Nurses needed for these organisations understand what this means. These organisations are in need of educated assistance, educational assistance, monetary assistance and much more. Nurses wanting to participate within the field of humanitarianism are viewed as welcomed warriors. Therefore, it is important that nurses know where to start their organisational search which best suits their personal perspectives.


There is much for nurses to consider when exploring humanitarian organisations. Many organisations offer scholarships to assist with travel costs. Other organisations offer various medically based educational programs. Opportunities to connect with other specialized groups and individuals also shape the selection process.


Here are a few medical networking ideas:


* Local Medical Professionals


* Emergency Medical Service Workers


* Paramedics


* Emergency Medical Technicians


* First Responders


Humanitarian nursing is a gift to the world. It is a miracle to hundreds of thousands in third-world countries and those ill and impoverished in our own backyards. Perhaps exploring nursing humanitarianism organizations is a new consideration for you. Here are a few considerations worth pondering for those who feel a calling to serve:


* Service preferences (i.e. disabled communities, adults, children, mentally challenged, etc.)


* Service locations (i.e. locally, nationally, and internationally)


* Time constraints (i.e. employment issues, full-time or part-time availability)


* Long and challenging working hours


* Little-to-no proper medical supplies


As a nurse you are honored and well-trained to serve others. The world couldn’t need your incredible nursing skills and compassion more than it does right now. If you love receiving personal reward and grand life experiences while helping others humanitarian organizations for nurses could just be the place for you.

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