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What Shall Do Ahead of Long Distance Run

There are some troubles in marathon.

The first you only to know how to run fast not slow because you are anxious about marathon. Because you do not know how to control rhythm of running so that you will be out of breath and then quit race. The second: If you do take stretch exercises and it will lead to joints, bones and muscles do not work well. The third, you do not have a good rest especially when you finish a running. It is for us to drink often and then for a long term our muscles and joints are in the tiredness condition. The fourth: The running main points are wrong. The fourth is that we do not have scientific training. If we have blindness and have no plan training, we will get injury of our ankle, knee and hip replacement.

There are many questions we should pay attention to in the marathon.

You only want a good marathon without hurt yourself.

I think that one of is scientific training. There is a marathon plan to be made every week or every mouth, which running quantity is proportional to the speed. The second: The warm sports will help you have a good stretch of our joints. The fourth: The running field in necessary for runners but run on the road one time each week at least is also the same important. There is specially uphill and downhill runway training. The fourth: There are twice trainings of instrument power each week. Sun as the squat down barbells, push up and sit up and lying push and other trainings. The fifth is running rhythm is very vital and they are neither too fast nor too slow speeds all of a sudden. The sixth is that you are not allowed to smoke or drink. The seventh: The best rest is very vital for us.
There are several gneisses

There is about one month scientific training under the guidance and care of commander and pathfinder.

There is nice and best result of marathon to wait for us. The first is that marathon should have a nice project and we try our best to finish it. There is a good balance of running amount and speed, which do not…

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