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What Is True Prosperity

“The moment that you realize that giving is the key to your own abundance, you will also see that prosperity is readily available.
-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

When you live your life by the law of Prosperity, you can create all that you need. True prosperity starts within the mind and means more then just money. Ideas, dreams, wishes, thoughts, are all a part of your prosperity consciousness. So, whenever you
focus your attention on a specific idea, wish or whatever, whether it’s positive or negative, it will become real.

Once you know that the power of the mind can attract whatever you focus on, amazing results can happen. If there is enough faith behind your request, there is enough power within you to make it happen. Know, too, that your natural association with a Higher Power is the true source of your prosperity. Having a spiritual belief is an important part of this source.

Prosperity is made up of many things and may include some of the following sources:

1. Good health and healthy living (and eating!)
2. Great relationships with family, spouse, friends, neighbors, co-workers, associates
3. A fulfilling career
4. Continued mental and emotional growth
5. Satisfactory and worthy material possessions

During times when you feel happy and all is right in your world, you can actually create your own destiny. From those positive feelings, focus your thoughts on a definite purpose. Then you will experience true prosperity. Everyday make your purpose the central point in your thoughts. Keep thinking about your vision. This creates your attitude. Then your attitude will determine how much success and prosperity you’ll have in your life.

The way you look at the challenges you face everyday, and the way you react to them forms the way things are attracted to you. If you start your day in a negative mood, you can bet that negative things will happen to you. The opposite is also true. When you’re in a good mood, you attract positive experiences.

This too, holds true for money. When you give, you get back much more. Though, at times you can see that the giving is unbalanced because you’re trading one value for another. Think about the moments when you gave away something of value to you. Was it given in a begrudging or angry manner, or with an expectancy of getting something in return? When that happens,
you pay a price. Instead, be conscious of your attitude and the way you give or the way you handle your money. Spend it and give it responsibly. Do it cheerfully. Become the kind of person who gives with kindness and prosperity will find you.

You can always attract prosperity by thinking, speaking, and feeling in a certain way. Have you ever noticed how your money gets taken from you involuntarily when you don’t give it with a
cheerful, loving attitude? It may not happen immediately, yet inevitably, unexpected expenses will come when you least expect them and when you can least afford them. Unexpected expenses like your car breaking down, your child needs new dental work,
or household items have to be replaced. So, as you give, let go of any guilt, self-pity, or ill-wishes toward others.

The path to true prosperity includes three steps:

1. Good Health
2. Happiness
3. Wealth

All three steps must exist before you can reach true prosperity. Before you can tap into the source that creates your prosperity, it may be necessary to experience the kind of challenges that shapes your character. Learn from your own mistakes and those of
others. Be ready to become the kind of person it takes to be trusted and blessed with true prosperity.

Remember: Prosperity won’t happen if you hold on to resentment or revenge. Replace any negative feelings you may be holding and open your mind to receive outcomes that are extraordinary. With this attitude you can challenge the universe and create more
outcomes that are good. And as your wisdom and character grows, so will your prosperity.

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