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Process of Gold Mining

Various miners have employed different methods for mining of gold from ancient times. These are in the form of gold panning, dredging, sluicing, metal detecting, hard rock mining and byproduct recovery. Panning of gold is an age-old process making use of a shallow pan which is kept in the river water and filled with the […]

The influence of general machinery on mining industry

The influence of general machinery on mining industry According to the import and export of general machinery this year, the gross import and export of first three months was about $122 thousand. It was increased by 3.3%. While, the machinery industry is falling greatly. At this point, China is trying to develop the second industry. […]

The Process of Open Pit Mining: Structure and Procedures

There are several forms of mining that are used to extract minerals and rocks from layers of earth and open-pit mining is one of these methods. This method uses a borrow or open pit and is most frequently used in situations where the desired rocks or minerals are located close to the earth’s surface. The […]

Safety Concerns in Mining

Gold has always held a lot of fascination for main as it has some outstanding economic and physical properties. In addition, it is also very rare and is useful for both decorative and aesthetic purposes. Mining gold has been done by man since the ages and there has been great progress in the practices. Geologists […]

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