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Loma Linda University Presented Film Festival

Loma Linda, Calif., January 20, 2014 – The School of Religion humanities program at Loma Linda University will host a free film festival January 24 and 25 centered on the theme “I was a stranger.” The four films to be shown explore issues of legality, identity, and humanity. The schedule is as follows: Friday at […]

Film Making

This program has been designed to make students understand the complete process of film making i.e. Pre Production, Production and Post Production, from writing the script to direction of a film, photography, cinematography, editing, visual effects, to film distribution. The first module deals with Screen Writing and Photography. The second module covers directing the film […]

Select the Best Film Streaming Platform for Movie Viewing

It is important that you make a good selection of your movie viewing site for quenching your form of entertainment without any hassles. The concept of streaming film has taken the world by storm. Individuals have accepted the advent of this whole new form of entertainment with open arms. This is why many homes have […]

Info on Film 2014 Streaming

There are so many changes that have been witnessed over the web in the past few years. People today have been blessed with so many possibilities to make life fun. One of the ways the Internet has changed the world is by offering on demand entertainment. So, many times people miss a movie at the […]

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