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A Sleep Disorder That Afflict The Legs – Restless Sleep Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome, called RLS, is a sleep disorder that afflicts greater than 15 percent of adults. It is affecting more women than men and the occurrence of restless leg malady increases with age. Certain medical ailments, such as diabetes, arthritis and varicose veins, also increase the risk of developing restless leg syndrome. This sleep […]

Eating Disorder Treatment for the Deadliest Disorder in Psychiatry

Eating disorders afflict millions of Americans. The scary reality of eating disorders is that they are the deadliest conditions in Psychiatry. Eating disorders are also one of the most treatment resistant conditions in Psychiatry. Although female and male eating disorders are difficult to treat, they are treatable, and finding a treatment center that is equipped […]

Anxiety Disorder Symptom: 5 FAQs

There are a lot of anxiety disorders known to man. To name some, we have the generalized anxiety disorder or GAD for short, the obsessive compulsive disorder, and the ever feared panic disorder. These are just three anxiety disorders among so many in the list. Each of them has differences and similarities. One similarity is […]

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