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How Can Business Benefit from SAP Data Encryption?

SAP data encryption is used to encrypt data so that unauthorized users cannot make sense of it. When data is encrypted, only authorized users can access it. Anyone else is shut out completely. The technology behind data encryption is complex, but for end users, its use is relatively simple. Encrypting data can be beneficial to companies in several important ways. Below are a few of the most important business benefits of SAP data encryption:

1. Secure confidential data – Data encryption can be used to ensure that sensitive or legally protected data such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and protected health information remain secure and confidential. Once encrypted, authorized users can access and interact with the data as they normally do (after entering their password or using a biometric device to authenticate them). Meanwhile, unauthorized users are unable to decode the data.

2. Comply with regulations – SAP data encryption can help ensure that your organization complies with any applicable regulations that require protecting or encrypting sensitive information.

3. Secure the data itself rather than the device – With data encryption, the data itself is secured rather than the device. This doesn’t mean you should abandon other security measures but it does mean that should those measures fail, the data will remain protected.

4. Peace of mind – Knowing that your most sensitive data is protected brings peace of mind. For example, if you have a laptop that contains sensitive data and that laptop gets lost or stolen, you can rest assured that the data is locked up despite the loss. The same is true when it comes time to dispose of a hard disk. Did you know that hard disks that have been reformatted still have data on them? This data can be recovered by data thieves using data recovery software. While reformatting a disk is a deterrent, it’s not foolproof measure. With data encryption, it doesn’t matter if a thief uses data recovery software to recover encrypted files because those files will be meaningless thanks to the encryption process.

5. Reputation management – SAP data encryption can protect your business’s reputation by preventing accidental disclosures of data. For example, companies that have had laptops containing sensitive information stolen have faced unfavorable press.

6. Data-specific encryption – SAP data encryption can also be used to encrypt specific data. For example, some data may be more sensitive than other data. You can fine-tune SAP data encryption processes to ensure that your most sensitive business and client data is encrypted. Whether you need to encrypt the entire database or files generated by specific departments, SAP data encryption makes it possible.

These are but a few of the many benefits of SAP data encryption for businesses. If you’re concerned about data theft, snoops, hackers, or regulatory compliance, SAP data encryption is an absolute must. Encrypting your data can bring peace of mind and enhanced security while also protecting your company from embarrassing exposures and helping it to comply with security and privacy regulations.

James Hadley is a professional business consultant specializing IT software, such as SAP data encryption by Dolphin Corp. To know more about the author, connect with him on Google+.

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