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Credit Union Golf Tournaments Raise Donations for Local Charities

Credit union golf tournaments are a great way for your credit union to network and get noticed. In addition, they are one of the best methods for strengthening your local community and helping your designated charity. Many credit unions hold a golf tournament annually. This allows their community to get involved and have a good time. For instance, Blackfoot, Idaho-based Westmark Credit Union just held their annual Credit Unions for Kids Golf Tournament this past September. They offered a range of prizes, including a 2016 Chevy Cruz, hole-in-one prize on the 10th green. It was a great experience for tournament participants and organizers.

Hosting Credit Union Golf Tournaments
Hosting golf tournaments cements you as a leader in your community. At that point, your credit union is not just a business. Credit union employees are a group of individuals who care deeply for their community, which is the foundational reason your credit union was started to begin with. You meet a lot of incredible people and make lasting business relationships through the sponsors and prizes donated by local businesses.

Philanthropy Behind Credit Union Golf Tournaments
While credit union golf tournaments are fun for those who participate, the charities are grateful, too! Credit union golf tournaments raise much-needed funds for the charities they donate to, allowing the charities to continue doing the things they do. Apple Federal Credit Union in Clifton, Virginia knows this well. Their annual credit union golf tournament raises $ 60,000 for the American Cancer Society. This is money that will be used to further research and treatment for those battling this life-threatening disease.

What a great reason to host a golf tournament! Teams show up and compete, individuals win prizes, and money is raised for a great cause. Credit unions and participants are able to network and create long-lasting business relationships. A golf tournament is one of the best things you can do to not only support your local community, but strengthen it as well.

Planning for Your Credit Union Golf Tournament
Over the last 30+ years Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc., the leading provider of credit union forms, has participated, supported, sponsored, and helped organize many credit union golf tournaments. Oak Tree has always felt the need to join our credit union clients in the support of their local community and bring all of the necessary components together. If your credit union plans on hosting a golf tournament, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

In addition, if your credit union needs assistance – from marketing to event planning for a credit union golf tournament- contact us at [email protected]

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