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Arkansas State Fair: Traditions And Customs

Every county and state celebrates their own traditions and customs annually. Whether it is the form of parade, festival or fair, cultural institutions instill a regional sense of belonging to the local inhabitants. One place that this can be seen every year is at the Arkansas state fair grounds in Little Rock, Arkansas. There you can witness a whole array of events that bring the country life style out in the capital of this Southern country state. For many people, it is just the fair but to others, this event has genuine meaning as it celebrates the unique history and culture of the people of Arkansas.

The Arkansas state fair yields many attractions for people of all ages and backgrounds. One would be the annual livestock shows. There are two types of competitions that the 40,000 annual visitors can see. There is the open and the junior open; each with their own set of rules and guidelines. Some of the animals that are up for competition are dairy and beef cattle, lambs and sheep, pigs, dairy and goats, chickens and rabbits. Like any other state fair, the livestock show is highly competitive.

There are also more enthusiastic shows that involve large crowds. Two of these attractions would be the rodeo and demolition derby. The Arkansas state fair also offers a monster truck exhibit where the local patrons can see the big trucks in the arena. Tickets are twelve dollars for adults and eight dollars for the kids.

There are plenty of other features to check out every year as well. This last year, Wendy’s sponsored musical acts to come in play. Some acts are fillers but others have had national spotlights such as Bo Bice, a former American Idol top runner, and country band Three Dog Night. As mentioned before there are other acts and the main stage is full every night.

There are many more attractions for friends and family to see. Similar to a standard carnival, there are numerous rides that take up a good portion of the fair grounds. Rides include a ferris wheel, swings, small roller coasters, tea cups and many more. There are numerous game stands and plenty of fun little shops.

The Arkansas state fair is similar to many other state fairs. It has the traditional set up and draws from the surrounding communities. It is much more then that though. Arkansas has a strong agricultural heritage and they draw upon that every year. Instead of focusing on video and digital technology, the state fair highlights the important history that rural Arkansas has. That is why there are numerous competitions and shows that appeal to country folks.

The Arkansas state fair is held annually around the second week of October. The state fairgrounds are located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Admission for adults is eight dollars and for children they are admitted for four dollars. If you wish to find out more information, the Arkansas state fairgrounds has pictures and review of the 2008 fair as well as pictures. Remember, they embrace their heritage.

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