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A Detailed Process Of Point To Point Encryption Is Explained

How to recover point to point encryption?

To recover point to point encryption from the client’s point of view, one must install the desired software to recover it. After installing goes through the instructions carefully and complete the whole process turn by turn. Point to point encryption is sometimes also referred as end to end encryption. The main aim of point to point encryption or end to end encryption is to protect one’s card. As one should know the process of protecting card data is very difficult. The processing is much complex then one thinks. When one person swipes their card on to the POS terminal, the data moves forward to the store server and from the storage server, after processing moves that data to the data centre server. As one should know that card data is very hard to protect, one should not use traditional security solutions as it leaves gaps during processing of data. Scope of PSI and DSS can be huge using this method of encryption of data.

Point to point encryption is basically a protection of card from swipe to the data center. The format must be encryption or transparent key management. End to end encryption is very easy to install and it needs no rip and replace during the process. There is no change in the application during the process. It is very easy to operate end to end encryption and it is easily integrated with trust keepers. For compliance management it integrates with the trust keepers very easily.


The card data out of scope can be processed using substitute tokens for card data, in bulk of the individual data process. It uses a friendly workflow for all the processes. The API is being used frequently that is an application programming interface for the integration work flow with applications. An API that is an application programming interface is used accordingly with the use of tokenization. The working of tokenization is quite simple. In this the data from the post or terminal moves to the data center which is already contained tokenization appliance in the center. After processing in the data center through the tokenization appliances, it moves on to the merchant back office through the process known as batch processing.

In this method of encryption during batch processing the web applications used are also available for manual operations. The end to end encryption and tokenization are head to head equal to each other both have the same impact on the end to end encryption.

This process is so popular these days that it reduces the scope and cost of PCI DSS. Basically trust wave end to end encryption and tokenization reduces the risk of cardholder’s data loss. The data used in the card may be important or we can say very important for the one holding the card. This method not only helps but also gives a satisfaction to the cardholder. So one should definitely install the end to end encryption or one can say point to point encryption.

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