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Month: January 2017

Felker: New-age interior design is uncozy, unseemly | App Content

As anybody in the restaurant industry could substantiate, there are just as many profits to be won or lost in interior decorating as there are in the actual preparation of any food or drink, the service, the pricing, the advertising or the restaurant’s location. With very few exceptions, in very few cases and even fewer […]

Jaycee Dugard Recovers With the Love of Family Video

Now Playing: Woman Moves Family to New Home After Husband Dies Suddenly: Part 1 Now Playing: Son Dies Less Than 6 Months After Father’s Sudden Death: Part 2 Now Playing: Daughter Says She Helped Mom Try to Kill Dad, Siblings: Part 4 Now Playing: Mom Admits to Poisoning Family With Anti-Freeze: Part 3 Now Playing: […]

Refugee Ban Endangers ‘Part of American Legacy’

In issuing the executive orders, Mr. Trump said they were needed to protect the United States, and invoked the killings of Sept. 11, which were carried out by fundamentalist terrorists. Continue reading the main story Among those who died that morning was Mohammad Salman Hamdani, 23, born in Pakistan and raised in the United States. […]

Dylan channels Eastwood: A man’s got to know his limitations

Nobel Prize-winning musician knows his sports-dominated bucket list is a bit out of his skill set. Bob Dylan’s bucket list? The answer, my friend, is … “I’d like to drive a race car on the Indianapolis track,” the Nobel Prize-winning musician told the London Daily Telegraph. “I’d like to kick a field goal in an […]

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